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What is the Think Tank? The Think Tank is a group of digital retail thought leaders who collaborate to identify and develop points of view on trends, business models, technologies and strategies that will shape the future of online retail and the role of digital in retail.

The group is selected by a subset of the Board of Directors and produces content and materials available to members.

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Think Tank Articles:

Balancing Your Marketing Portfolio in an Omnichannel World to Grow Sales Across the Enterprise
Forrester Research recently found that nearly half of U.S. retail sales are influenced by the web.’s Think Tank group suggests that retailers are likely underinvesting in online marketing, relinquishing potential brand awareness, store traffic and sales. The Think Tank offers recommendations for retailers and provides examples of “real-world experiments” tested by Google advertisers, Ace Hardware and Lenovo. (January 2014)

The Retail Organization of 2023: The Customer is King (For Real)
Traditional 20th century retail business models don't always suit the needs of 21st century shoppers.'s Think Tank envisions a decade of significant change for modern, customer-centric retail organizations. To thrive in 2023 and beyond, successful retailers will move away from organizational divisions that serve the brand, and transition to core competencies that serve the customer. (October 2013)

Get Smart: Considerations for the Retailers' Smartphone Strategy
As consumers wend their way across multiple devices and touch points for any given brand interaction, retailers must identify the three or four primary customer “use cases” on smartphones and tailor their mobile offerings to successfully cater to their needs - or risk disappointing customers and leaving money on the table. (July 2013)

Same-Day Delivery – Should It Be a Priority for Your Business?
New entrants such as Shutl and Google are quickly changing the delivery landscape. To ensure they remain competitive, U.S. retailers must analyze whether or not they need to provide same-day delivery to their customers. (April 2013)

Think Tank Members

Artemis Berry
Kevin Ertell
Sur La Table Inc.
Jessica Harley
MJ Murphy
HSN, Inc.
Elaine Rubin
Digital Prophets Network
Sameer Samat
Rob Schmults
The Talbots Inc.
Matthew Siegel
ANN Inc.
Fiona Swerdlow