Five Things You Need to Know about the Retail Organization of the Future

This webinar is open to:
NRF and members only.
Event Date: Mar 27 2013 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm
Fiona Swerdlow, Head of Research,
James Okamura, Managing Partner, Okamura Consulting
Brad Brown, SVP, eCommerce and Direct Sales, Recreational Equipment, Inc.

This webinar will take place from 3-4PM Eastern

"How does digital fit into my overall company structure in a less silo-ed multichannel world? and, therefore, how do I need to organize the company / team towards that?"  

In the less "silo-ed" multichannel world of 2013, retailers of every stripe are trying to answer that question as they grapple with where digital fits into their overall company structure. 

Join us for a and NRF members-only webinar to review key results of a new study conducted with over 40 retail executives, including heads of e-commerce, CIOs, CMOs, HR leads, and CEOs. Sponsored by DataStax and conducted in partnership with Okamura Consulting, the study provides a snapshot of challenges and approaches by retailers in managing the influence of digital on their businesses. 

Key questions that will be explored from the study include:

  • What are the organizational issues and solutions for retailers and manufacturers who are embracing integrated digital strategies?
  • How well are integrated functional teams working (e.g., Merchandising, Marketing)?
  • Where do new development areas such as mobile, social and international expansion reside in the organization, and how are they integrated into the enterprise?
  • How are multi-brand companies or global brands developing and using a shared services model?

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